Monday, 23 April 2012

frozen banana whip and kippers for breakfast

hey everyone - how was your weekend? mine was really rather lovely. i spent some excellent time with my wonderful man, and enjoyed a little sunshine, shopping and catch up with friends.

i'm so happy that i can continue to be creative with my food with my full time job. in fact, i find it really fun to anticipate my next meal, and plan for the days ahead. so today, i was thinking about the amazing sweet potato wedges and broad beans i would have for dinner, and figuring out how i could get even more colour in my lunch box tomorrow... (not sure that's possible - you'll understand why soon)

at the start of my job, everyone around me said i'd be too tired to do any cooking at all - and it kind of got me upset and angry. until i realised that most people don't actually like cooking - i'm rather unusual (not a surprise) in that, cooking and creating food actually gives me energy! it's a passion, and i love it.

currently eating:

kippers (smoked herring) and marmalade on toast - yes, this sounds weird, but it's a time honoured combo. and if you have boys/men in the house, they'll absolutely love it. simply heat the kippers under the grill, and serve on hot toast with some homemade seville orange marmalade. classic.

brussel sprout and bacon hash with kale, onion and a large serving of houmous. incredible. especially with a mug of rooibos for afters.

some beautiful flowers brought by my man on my return from Gozo - it turns out the English wildflowers are similarly as beautiful as Gozetan ones.

spinach tofu scramble with curry spices, broad beans and onion. and a drizzle of tomato ketchup of course.

banana whip. when i had a cold a couple of weeks ago, i discovered something rather fantastic. if you freeze a banana in slices and then pop it in a mini food processor with a little vanilla bean paste, you get something very similar to ice cream!

technically all you need is one ingredient too - but you can of course mix it up and get a little experimental with it - either way, this is the healthiest "ice cream" ever, and the easiest non-dairy frozen dessert in the world...

vanilla banana whip (or dairy free ice cream)

1 medium banana
1/4 tsp vanilla bean paste

1. slice up the banana, and arrange on a sheet of non-stick baking paper on a freezer-safe tray.
2. place in the freezer overnight.
3. either place these in a separate freezer bag for later use, so that they take up less space until you want to use them, or continue straight to step 4.
4. place the frozen banana pieces in a tiny food processor (i use the attachment that comes with my hand blender), add the vanilla bean paste and then whip until it turns into "ice-cream" - you'll notice when it's ready by a notable change in the tone of the machine.
5. enjoy straight away, with a sprinkle of dark chocolate nibs, drizzle of honey tahini or dash of ground cinnamon.

this is such a good snack for when you're feeling a little under the weather, and it'll bring a smile to your face, and your body will be well pleased too because of the excellent nutrition that just 1 banana contains...

this is such a food blogger thing to do, but it's so easy and so cheap, that i can see me keeping frozen banana slices in my freezer over the years for any future cravings.

does cooking give you energy? do you have fun anticipating your next meal? have you ever tried frozen banana ice cream?

currently watching: the hairy bikers bakeation - the food may be totally off-limits for me, but they are just such good tv presenters that i can't help watching it!


  1. I love cooking too! There's just something very exciting about getting lost in the kitchen. I have a very busy schedule, as well, but I still find time to whip up some yummy treats.

    What are kippers?

    1. A kipper is a smoked herring - really good, and very English.

      Glad I'm not the only one that wouldn't part with my kitchen :)

  2. I am a lover of banana soft serve indeed apparently adding some peanut butter takes it to a whole new level!! Loving the food I an so gonna tell my dad about the marmalade and kippers he eats kippers everyday and loves marmalade so it's gotta be a win win x x

    1. Amazing, peanut butter banana soft serve... that's a good daydream! Let me know what he thinks of the combo - I'm certain he won't be disappointed :)

  3. Replies
    1. If you've never made it, you totally need to - it's amazing! (Might not go so far as to say it would change your life, but it'll come close...)


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