Wednesday, 21 March 2012

whipped berry porridge and tofu scramble

hey everyone! thanks for your kind comments on my lunchboxes last week... it's so much fun coming up with healthy things to put in my lunchbox - i can't wait to share this week's with you already :)

but, for now, i want to give you my eats from the weekend:

whipped berry rye porridge with banana and hemp milk - courtesy of scandi foodie. it's such a tasty recipe, and pretty swift too... mmm hmm.

the texture is very light and fluffy, and it tastes so scrummy with blackberries.

for lunch, i had ful medames, with a poached egg on top. this is basically mashed butter beans with spinach and red onion and a bunch of spices - a classic Egyptian dish.

aren't these pretty? i picked these up on a recent trip to visit my sister in law and cute niece Juliet... (more photos of my trip to come!)

tofu scramble with bacon, mushrooms and brussels sprouts, topped with tamari and with a side of sweet swedish red cabbage - so delicious!

i kind of find it ironic that tofu tastes so good with bacon... and lots of cracked black pepper of course.

i'm loving making sure i put greens into every meal (even breakfast these days - i'm totally rocking the savoury breakfasts at the moment)... it's so delicious and very nutritious and good for my health. thanks to the lovely jenn at peas and crayons!

currently listening to: on broadway by the drifters - i heard this at my boyfriend's local, called santo lounge - it's a very cool vintage inspired place, and the soundtrack matches it perfectly. i have some very good memories in that place...


  1. It all looks so pretty and very tasty! The rye breakfast sounds fab gotta try that x x

  2. tofu scramble looks amazing, I need to give it a go sometime soon.

  3. I used to always collect seashells when I was little! That berry porridge looks amazing!

  4. i used to collect seashells too when i was little! I ended up having several jars full of it and eventually threw them away. I only kept 2 or 3 bigger ones.
    Your meals look delicious. the whipped rye brekfast looks interesting, where can i find a recipe for it?

  5. What a delicious day of eats!
    I love The Drifters too! When I was a teenager, I bought a really old copy of a Drifters album on vinyl. I can just remember the excitement I felt when I got home and listened to it for the first time. Up on the Roof is my favourite track. I love the lyrics!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love that you had Brussels sprouts with mushrooms...two of my favorite things on one plate :)

  7. Yum, the tofu scramble looks awesome! Love your food pictures, they always look so delicate and nice. :)

  8. I am loving those whipped oats! I've never had anything like it but it does look delicious!

  9. Your lunch looks great! I love having poached eggs over something because when the yolks break they give the whole mean an extra kick of flavor.
    Love your photos! What kind of camera do you use?


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