Tuesday, 20 March 2012

lunchbox week #01

hi everyone! i hope you are all well and happy :)

today i want to share with you quickly the tasty lunchboxes i have been putting together for work last week...

fried aubergine in coconut oil and herbs, on a bed of salad green, cucumber and tomato. with a very yummy side of hummus with toasted pumpkin seeds and a mandarin.

pesto, tomato, butterbeans and butternut squash with sunflower seeds, sliced cucumber, coleslaw and a mandarin.

butternut squash, cucumber, avocado, celery salad with lemon tahini dressing (yum!), a side of coleslaw with sultanas and a plum.

sesame tahini salad with cucumber, tomato and celery, broccoli on the side with coleslaw, sultanas and a mandarin.

broccoli, with avocado, mozzarella and butterbean salad, some sliced mushrooms and balsamic tomato.

currently listening to: radio 1 on my way to work - the interviews have been really awesome this week :)


  1. That fried aubergine looks lovely! If you don't mind me asking - which herbs do you use for it?

  2. Yummy looks like your tum has been getting some wonderful food! It all looks delicious, I love your little box with the separate compartments! Hope you have had a good start to your new job x x

  3. do you eat clif bars like mine?:)http://bananahut.wordpress.com/

  4. Wow, these all look delicious! What wonderful, healthy lunches! Lots of different flavors :)



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