Monday, 27 February 2012

new favorite foodie: it will stop raining

ok, it's time to share a secret with you. and, i've seriously been putting this off for way too long now... i am addicted to it will stop raining.

seriously. every time i see a post pop up on my bloglovin reel, i click the mouse as swiftly as is humanly possible, and then spend a good 5 minutes staring at the photographs, imagining living in Japan, swooning over the linen tablecloths and cute crockery, and just generally buzzing with ideas about the awesome things i might cook.

here's just a little sneak peek at the sort of tastiness that shows up on her blog each day...

ai is a truly inspirational cook - healthy and wholegrain, and not too expensive. she loves really homely, hearty food, and it's always something pretty quick to make too.

i love the random combinations that she conjurs up, and the photography of her experiments is totally stunning. she has a way of makin things look so beautiful and so attractive (even if it's rice and beans, it looks amazing... how is that possible?)

anyway, i'd better stop gushing - instead head on over to her blog and see if you aren't inspired!

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  1. Wow all that food looks amazing!! Thank you for sharing x


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