Wednesday, 1 February 2012

baby juliet and florentina pizza

hello lovely people! it is crazily already the first day of february, how mad is that? january disappeared so fast, and i'm not quite sure how.

i've enjoyed being back doing a little events co-ordinating, editing my next book, going on plenty of delicious dates with Pete, walking little Bruno, visiting family, and babysitting my very cute niece...

she is gorgeous, and such a cheerful baby - a great pleasure to look after.

my latest eats have mostly consisted of lots of chickpea pizza, and fridge leftovers in all sorts of shapes and forms. here are today's highlights:

buckwheat kasha (which is really just a fancy russian term for my buckwheat porridge) - so very delicious and nutritious. the discovery of this changed my mornings somewhat, and was the main reason i wrote my breakfast cookbook! great with thick greek yoghurt, fresh blueberries and a drizzle of honey. oh, and a cup of rooibos and a couple of supplements.

leftover paprika chicken with butter fried potato - very very spanish, and very very good.

florentina pizza with a chickpea crust - a few mushrooms, some leftover butternut squash, pesto, plum tomatoes and sliced cucumber.

to make a perfect florentina, pop the pizza in the oven for 10 minutes, remove, crack the egg carefully into the middle, and place under a grill for 3 minutes. this will mean that it cooks, but the yolk stays runny and delicious...

thanks to jenn at peas and crayons for another super WIAW - so much fun to take part...

i hope you all have a truly lovely day :)

do you like buckwheat for breakfast? are you a florentina fan? what's you current favorite tune?

 currently listening to: no light, no light by florence + the machine


  1. Your niece looks adorable! That pizza looks fab too, I must make a socca pizza soon its been way too long!

  2. I recently saw a cauliflower crust pizza, but have never seen a chickpea crust. Will have to give that a try! I've also never had an egg on my pizza but would be game for it :)

  3. i am so obsessed with an egg on pizza. yummmmmmm.

  4. I've been meaning to try buckwheat for breakfast! Yours looks so delicious.
    Your niece is absolutely adorable. (:

  5. Such a cute niece you have! :)
    I've never had buckwheat for breakfast, but I must give it a try!
    The pizza looks amazing! I've got a huge bag of gram flour in the pantry that's going out of date, so chickpea pizzas would be a great way to use it up.
    Happy WIAW! xx

  6. I love that pizza - I've never tried cracking an egg on top and broiling. Genius! I've done scrambled eggs atop a chickpea crust, but think I'm missing out on the egg yolk gooey-deliciousnesss!

    I've been listening to a Johnny Cash Pandora station lately. Makes me smile.

  7. hello, i just found your blog and am in love with your recipes. i cook a lot with buckwheat and kasha too and find it sooo tasty and much more intense than other grains or seeds.
    cant wait to read more!


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