Friday, 13 January 2012

happy new year!

hello wonderful readers! i hope you are having a very happy new year so far. i just wanted to let you in on my latest video, where i show you what i got for christmas and update you on a few things that will be happening in 2012, and some of the resolutions i made for this year...

2011 was an epic year:

 - i published my first book, which received really good feedback from the press and blogosphere in general. you can check out healthy breakfast recipes on amazon, if you haven't seen it yet!

 - i reached over 3,000 subscribers on my alissaevelyn youtube channel! and started my notjustapples channel full of recipes and advice for type 1 diabetics, like myself.

 - i travelled to australia all by myself, and lived there for 3 months :) i met amazing people, saw forest fires, went to a Kate Miller Heidke gig, ate kangaroo, went on a roadtrip and lived on a retirement village.

 - i made some delicious, unsual and healthy food on my food blog, not just apples, which grew to an average readership of over 200 people each day...

 - i started working for my church, as events co-ordinator, which is super fun.

 - i met Tracy and Maria. blogger meetups are awesome!

 - i was given a press pass, and lots of Total yoghurt.

and i believe that 2012 will be filled with amazing things also: my niece turns 1, the olympics will be held in london, the queen is having her diamond jubilee, my best friend is getting married, my natural beauty tips book will be published...

and i know that there's a whole host of things that lie in wait, that i don't even know about yet!

what was your favourite thing in 2011? what are you most looking forward to in 2012?