Friday, 20 January 2012

do you need to moisturise before bed?

this is a question i used to ask myself all the time - and i was highly confused about what the right answer was because i had so many opinions to choose from...

the conclusion i have decided upon, and found to be true is that it's different for each person. you need to get in touch with your face, and decide each night whether or not it needs a little extra moisture. your jawline is a pretty accurate reader of this - and you'll soon get to learn how frequently you need to apply moisturiser.

when i was going through my Dr Hauschka phase, i stopped moisturising at night time altogether, and that led to some really bad skincare issues, like acne and dehydration. it was only once i re-introduced nightly moisturising that my skin began to improve and heal.

so, my current routine is to moisturise every other night (most of the time, but sometimes a little more), and that seems to keep my skin in check. i use my regular Sukin facial moisturiser, rather than some expensive 'night' formulation, and i just lightly massage it into my skin 15 minutes before i go to bed.

for those people that think it'll clog their pores, there's no need to panic, because that's all down to the moisturiser you choose - if you choose a comedogenic product (pore clogging) then of course it will! any breakouts are more likely to be related to your skin being dehydrated, or using a product that's far too thick (unfortunately night creams have that tendency).

your skin should still be able to 'breathe' through a good moisturiser. a light lotion will do just the trick.

so, i'm curious, how many of you moisturise at night?

have a lovely day ♥