Wednesday, 28 December 2011

cucumber wakame salad and fish sandwiches

hello lovely readers! long time no speak. i hope you all had a very wonderful Christmas, and are looking forward to 2012 :)

Christmas was incredible this year, so much fun was had! instead of taking photos galore, i did lots of cooking and eating - helping Farmor cook the usual smorgasbord for Christmas Eve, then we had duck for Christmas lunch, and then a marvellous array of nibbles for dinner... it was yummy. there was nonstop family arriving and departing of course, but that's how i like the festive season to be!

so, i thought i'd share a few of my most recent eats with you, as well as a funny little video:

aubergine carrot noodles with wakame cucumber salad - random weird meal that turned out to be very delicious. i think i have a new found love of wakame... i purchased some dried in Oz, and brought it back with me, and it's so tasty.

more brown rice congee! i seriously love this stuff... i could eat it every morning (if i didn't love oats and buckwheat loads too!)

plenty of walks with little Bruno have been had the last couple of days...

the ultimate fish sandwich, made by my brother's fair hands... crispy fish, boiled egg, radish, cucumber, spinach, mayo, toasted cranks. serious yum.

if you really want to know how to make this sandwich, then check out my latest Youtube video!!:

my favorite gifts this Christmas were my favorite perfume and dark chocolate from my boyfriend Pete (yes, this is the first time you're hearing about this...more later!) and a tiny silicone spatula from my friend Emily, which i've already used 3 times.

so, how was your Christmas? what's your favorite thing to do when you're bored?

currently listening to: dedication to my ex by lloyd - love the beat.

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    keephealthstyle: Glad you've had a good Christmas - your so right, having family coming and going all day is what its all about! Tell us more about Pete - What lovely presents!

    tamzin: The congee looks divine! x x

    celeryandcupcakes: Great to hear that you had a happy holidays!


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