Monday, 3 October 2011

the importance of protein for beautiful skin!

hey everyone! i hope you are all having a beautiful day :)

it's been wonderfully sunny in England lately - everyone keeps thanking me for bringing back some of the Ozzie sunshine! how unusual to get the 3rd hottest day of the year on the 2nd of october?! anyway, i'm not complaining...

here is a video that i filmed with Tracy, The Love Vitamin, whilst i was down under. we decided to switch the camera on and talk a little about protein, our experience of it and a bit more of it's importance for your health. keep reading onwards for more of an in depth chat about protein and skin:

protein is of vital importance to good looking skin, and a well functioning body - it contains the building blocks that help our cells function normally and keep stable. without protein, i've noticed that my skin gets really out of shape, and loses it's natural 'glow'.

there are many different sources of protein - meat, fish, eggs, dairy, pulses, nuts, and vegetables. but which is the better source? firstly, check out this awesome article with a table of high protein foods for vegetarians, and this to compare the amount of protein in meat vs beans.

whilst i was eating a mostly fruit and veg diet i noticed that my skin got much worse, rather than improving. once i re-introduced good quality wild and organic meat and also yogurt, i noticed a significant improvement in a very short space of time. protein is essential to good skin, so make sure you are getting enough!

how much is enough? about 50g a day is about average, according to medical studies. and this can be attained by increasing the amount of greens, nuts/seeds and lentils/beans in your diet. try writing down what you eat in a day, then counting up the amount of protein in your day (using the chart in the link above) to see how much you're currently getting.

if you still aren't convinced that protein is super duper important to help rid your skin of acne, heal up skin blemishes or give your skin that 'glow' that you're after - read these articles:

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