Saturday, 8 October 2011

pumpkin soup and strawberry chia pudding

today i've been having a good old google into recipes - you know the sort, you start with the best intention of just looking up one recipe, but this leads to another and another, and before you know it you're typing 'ecuadorian street food' into the google pictures engine. hmm, well, maybe that's just me? i get carried away for ages seeking out new food combinations, and thankfully i have this blog to help channel my enthusiasm!

fyi, you should totally check out LA in Bloom's new webisodes where she cooks some truly yummy food (the one with Cactus and Pomegranate Salsa is my favorite so far), and check out this beautiful link to a recipe for Thai Bean Pancakes called Khanom Buang on importfoods (their street food video series is awesome!). I could go on and on. But instead I'll try and share more of these little links on a more regular basis... how about that?

today i want to share the last of my 'what i ate down under' (or WIADU, lol) photos with you all - because i still had some interesting ones left in my picasa folder that i thought you might be interested to see, or might inspire you in some way. so here we go:

pumpkin soup, coleslaw and green bean & capsicum salad - i miss how cheap coconut milk is in Australia, it's seriously at least half the price, if not one third... :(

red lentil dahl with fresh sliced tomatoes and fried zucchini mushroom salad

fresh Sydney oysters with butter and lemon - i actually quite like oysters (i'm sure it's just my maturing tastebuds - because now there is nothing i wouldn't eat, wahoo!)

chia seed pudding - i had this every single day for the final 3 weeks of my stay in Australia, due simply to the fact that i had to use up what i had left or it'd be chucked. the recipe i used was a simple 1Tbsp chia, 1Tbsp ground flaxseed, 1Tbsp dessicated coconut, 1tsp cinnamon and 2Tbsp yoghurt mixed with a little water, left on the side til 'smooshy'.

dim sum in Sydney, i was at The Rocks for lunch with a friend from the Central Coast, and we spotted this random stand with all these dumplings being griddled, so we asked for one of each and covered them with soy sauce - happy days!

my lunches were a haphazard affair of leftovers and longlife products, especially towards the final few days before departure. this lunch was a bacon broccoli stir fry with mustard. followed by chia seed pudding, topped with tinned apricots and ground flaxseed. quite scrumptious actually.

i did tell you it was random, didn't i? well, i hope you've enjoyed all the Oz related food posts - seeing me try custard apple, enjoy coffee for the first time, go orange picking in the mountains, share falafel with Scandi Foodie, discover hot milo in beautiful Armidale and bake a rather scrummy raspberry hazelnut roll.

thanks for coming with me along the ride ♥

since being back i've been very busy catching up with people and making a massive mess in the kitchen, taking part in the big budget challenge and getting incredibly distracted by the wonders of the internet - i finally got through reading 3000 blog posts that have been waiting on my bloglovin reader.

currently reading: screw work, let's play by john williams - it sure does help me understand my brain a little more! (though that's a questionably good thing...)


  1. Oooooooo that chia seed pudding looks fab : )

  2. I agree with Tam, that chia seed pudding looks lovely especially! I love looking up and finding random recipes on the internet!

  3. I also love finding random recipes and I would like if you share some of your links :)

  4. Wow - those oysters look good! Thanks for sharing all this delicious food!

  5. I'm gonna make the chia pudding right now with the chia seeds you gave me!!


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