Tuesday, 25 October 2011

buckwheat spaetzle and lentil tomato hash

this evening i went to the annual allotment holder's meeting in our local village hall - a very interesting occasion. typically english, and full of characters arguing over water usage and underused plots. i love the allotment and growing our own fruit and veggies, and the social aspect of it is also really fun! sure, there's a bit of gossip, but i prefer the funny vegetable stories and growing tips you get to share with other growers.

we've been eating potatoes, carrots, swedes, tomatoes, beans, courgettes, marrow, fresh mint and spaghetti squash from there. in fact, if we'd grown a bit more up there, at this time of year, we could easily eat only from the allotment (and the wild of course).

but, as well as fresh veg, i've been trying out new pantry staples recipes - using beans, lentils and grains. i figured it was important to change it up a little now i'm incorporating more wholegrains into my diet...

hot spicy lentils with fresh tomatoes and mint, and a multiseed wholegrain muffin. simply fry up an onion, garlic clove and curry paste, then add lentils and stock and simmer until cooked (it depends on the variety of lentil you use for how long this will take).

homemade buckwheat spaetzle with fresh beetroot and diced vegetable bacon salad. spaetzle is actually pretty easy - you make a simple dough mix and then press it through a colander into boiling water. i followed this recipe, but substituted buckwheat flour for the regular, and it worked beautifully!

we grew a few of our own runner beans this year, but they got left on the vine until they were too stringy to eat like normal. so, i podded them, and have been using them in stews. they have such a beautiful colour and flavour.

more of Maria's lovely baked pearl barley - such a perfect breakfast for cold weather :)

such a random post for today - but my latest eats are always a fairly odd combination!

currently watching: Jamie's Great Britain - i do think Mr Oliver is the best! can't wait to see the rest of the series...

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  1. Everything looks so tasty......can I come for tea?! ha ha x x


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