Tuesday, 6 September 2011

coconut lamingtons and bunless burgers

so, by now you probably all know via Twitter that i met up with Scandi Foodie in Mosman Bay last week!! it was an awesome afternoon - she's such a wonderful lady, and it was a pleasure to meet her. i haven't been able to upload photos yet due to travelling up north again, but they are on the way...

i'm currently exploring the coastline between Sydney and Port Macquarie with a friend of mine called Barbara, who is an absolute legend of a lady at 73 years old :)

anyway, onto some of my latest eats and treats:

homemade meatballs with basil crumbed green beans and roasted red pepper - most delicious. it was a very welcome lunch for my cousin's student border... he had the biggest smile on his face!

my first proper lamington. no jam - no siree! this was from Moxon's Bakery in Armidale, as light as a feather and perfectly coconutty. i shared it with my new friend Sara, who enjoyed hers heaps too.

a deconstructed burger. if you ever go to Neville's in Armidale and ask for a Works Burger, but with no bun, this is what happens!! it was truly yum, and i'm so grateful to the fab chef who was kind enough to do this for me.

well, that's all folks! another installment from my adventures down under... stay tuned :)

currently loving: writing to my mum - we've been writing proper handwritten letters each week whilst i've been over here. it's as lovely to write and send them as it is to find one in the letterbox!

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  1. two lovely looking meals there, thankful for an understanding and accomodating chef.


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