Wednesday, 31 August 2011

ridgey didge pies and cinnamon swirls

hey all! i've only got a couple more weeks left in Australia, boy how time does fly?! well, i've been trying to soak in as much Australian culture as i can...

a meat pie was a must-do up in New England. so i went into ridgey didge pies, and got myself a standard beef - it was good, really good. i hardly ever have pastry or steak, so it was a nice treat. i still think i prefer cornish pasties though...

sometimes as a brit/pommie/englishperson, it's essential to deliver truly english experiences to ozzies also - and broccoli stilton soup doesn't really exist over here in Australia, so i made it for my hosts (using this recipe)... of course they loved it, exclaiming 'how have i lived without this all my life?!' - it really is a good combo.

and then, because i've got a little swedish blood in me, and i hadn't had them in so long, i made some cinnamon rolls for my hosts too - which i've never known anyone to dislike (and my recipe is getting better and better! almost so good i might share it with you soon...)

anyway that's all for now, a little snippet of my life down under for you all.

currently reading: driving over lemons by chris stewart - it's one of those dreamy books that i love to read, because it really and truly is an escape! spanish sunshine, lots of deep fried potatoes and lemon trees - yes please...

ps. i'm so excited - tomorrow i'm going into Sydney, and i'll be meeting up with one of my favorite bloggers ever!! can't wait to show you all photos and tell you all about my lovely lunch :)

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  1. sounds like you are having fun.

    Looking forward to seeing your recipe for those swirls.


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