Sunday, 21 August 2011

the goldfish bowl and grilled halloumi

hello lovely readers! i hope all is well with you :)

today's post is all about a breakfast i was privileged to be taken out to in Armidale, with my dad's cousin Gillian, at the Goldfish Bowl, officially "the nicest restaurant in town".

it's unassuming nature is one of my favorite things about it - you can sit on a cushioned repurposed crate and have one of the best ever cups of coffee you'll ever drink... it's about the food and the atmosphere. it is the very essence of 'cool'.

the breakfast selection was goodlooking, and it was tricky to choose what to have. i went with grilled halloumi, spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes - and it was a delight! the flavours were incredible and it was cooked to perfection. i managed to snap a slightly burry iPhone snap...

and Gillian had the ricotta pancakes, which looked insanely good, with fresh berries and maple syrup. wowee!

the Goldfish Bowl is known for it's high quality, local, seasonal produce, and it's impeccable standards and simplicity. i'm so happy to have been out to somewhere quite so delicious!

more from Armidale soon...

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  1. wow, i wish i knew a similar place to go out for breakfast!

  2. Wow, this place sounds great. You're a woman after my own heart - I love a savory breakfast, and it never occurred to me to make delicious haloumi for breakfast. Thanks for the idea!


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