Tuesday, 5 July 2011

quick apple granola and herbed baked eggs

g'day! i hope all is well with you...

today's eats are simple, honest and rustic (as per usual, really) and remind me of the amazing food i was fortunate enough to eat back in england, before arriving on this beautiful golden coastline down under.

but before i start i want to just let you all know something really exciting... my proof copy for my breakfast recipe book came in the post yesterday!!! it looks really amazing, although there's still a little bit of editing of fonts and triple checking of recipes to do before it is available on amazon - i can't help but feel so pleased with it, and i hope you will enjoy it too :)

so, now onto tasty British fare:

quick apple granola - homemade coconut granola, with chopped apple and a dash of almond milk over the top. scrumdidlyumptious.

sausage, carrot, barley and tomato stew with green beans and peas. most delicious, and a reminder of the incredibleness of english cuisine - not at all bland or boring!

salad for three. a little bit of everything from the fridge. topped with chopped fresh mint from the garden, and on a bed of homegrown salad leaves.

really, herbed baked eggs should have their own post, because they are absolutely divine, and a new found favorite. this particular recipe is in my upcoming book, but keep your eyes peeled for an australian version...

currently reading: old copies of donna hay magazine - i love them!

ps. if you would like a copy of my new 'healthy breakfast recipes' book to review, please send an email to notjustapples (at) gmail (dot) com!


  1. My mum makes a similar sausage stew which is delicious, I feel all home sick now! Your book sounds very exciting, I've never seen a book just for breakfasts before!

  2. Oooh the herb baked eggs look fab! Looking foward to the breakfast book coming out :)


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