Thursday, 28 July 2011

no-potato 'potato' salad and barley porridge

hello lovely readers - thanks for your comments on yesterday's post, they always make me smile!

on monday i'm off up north in NSW, taking a 7 hour train trip to get to my destination, where i'll be experiencing an australian country town, rather than beachside. i'm looking forward to seeing new things and meeting new people... and trying new food, as always!

so, now onto my latest eats from the Central Coast - i've been trying out lots of blog recipes this week that have been otherwise piling up in my 'to cook' list for ages:

baked pearl barley porridge - thanks to Scandi Foodie for this recipe, it was gorgeous! i will definitely be cooking it again and again.

chocolate almond cookies - via the spunky coconut, though edited slightly with homemade applesauce rather than honey (which did make them kinda bitter, but i loved them still).

no potato 'potato' salad - via everyday paleo, this was gorgeous! i will be making this repeatedly for the rest of my life, no word of a lie. yum.

so, thanks for catching up with me, i hope you enjoy these recipes!

keep your eyes open for a guest post swap on Monday, it's going to be amazing... make sure to stop by and read, and then hop on over to my guest's blog to find the recipe for the celery flax bread / pizza base - which i know you're all dying to get hold of (and it is incredible, so i won't discourage your enthusiasm!)

currently watching: sister act - so hilarious, love Whoopi in that movie.


  1. I'm going to have to try that no potato salad--looks so good!

  2. Wow all of these look delicious! I have a real craving for some grainy porridge now :-)

  3. I'm intrigued by the no-potato potato salad. Aww - Sister Act. I haven't seen that movie in years.

  4. I'm so glad to hear you liked the porridge!
    So sorry I haven't got back to you about the catch up yet. Please let me know if you're coming to Sydney some time soon and we'll catch up!


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