Monday, 18 July 2011

a happy birthday in Sydney!

thanks for the birthday wishes from you all for last week! i had a grand time, enjoying the Australian sunshine and spending time checking out the sights of Sydney. as well as feeling that little bit wiser as i add another year to my age (24 sounds alright doesn't it?)

i started the day with herbed baked eggs and buttered sourdough toast - a simple treat, that i truly love! it was the perfect birthday breakfast for me.

when we arrived in central Sydney we went to the Rocks for a look around, and of course took the very necessary photo in front of the opera house (what trip to Sydney would be complete without it?)

then we took a ferry across to Watson's bay for lunch. it's got a very European vibe, which makes me feel quite at home, and it's astonishingly beautiful.

we had posh fish & chips from the most famous takeaway restaurant on the quay - Doyle's. it was ok, but i ought to have had a big praw salad in retrospect as i felt pretty queasy afterwards...

the view from the top of The Gap was impressive. you can see the harbour bridge and the central buildings - worth the climb up, for sure.

then we took a bus back into the city, via Bondi Beach and a few other southern suburbs. it was a great way to see the city, albeit a little slow (though that suited me fine). the different districts have their own specialities, and i loved to dream of the lives of it's inhabitants. people watching is one of my favorite pastimes - and buses are perfect for practicing this fine art!

i'm really looking forward to going into Sydney again - perhaps to visit some of the markets and food fairs. and trying out some of the restaurants and cafes too!

i hope you are all well :)

currently reading: ani phyo's raw food essentials - i've wanted to read it for ages, to learn new techniques and find ways of experimenting with different ingredients. i am so glad to finally have a copy to read from the library!


  1. Wow your trip looks and sounds fab! I've just ordered the ani phyo book, I'm investing in a dehydrator for my birthday as I'm loving raw foods so much so looking forward to reading it!

  2. What a perfect birthday breakfast. I keep meaning to try baked eggs, but I keep forgetting whole eggs at the grocery!


  4. Lovely trip! my sister just left Sydney!


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