Tuesday, 26 July 2011

gjetost cheese and avocado mash

g'day! i hope you are all well - the sun is shining once again down under, no more torrential rain (apparently it's been 52 years since they had so much rain in July!), instead blue skies and warm sunshine.

i've been really blessed here in Oz to be living near a store called Harris Farm, which contains loads of weird European foods, as well as lots of local produce and incredible fresh fruit & veg.

well, there's a couple of things that i couldn't resist picking up last time i was there:

gjetost cheese - it's basically caramelised sheep's cheese - sounds gross, but tastes like a sweetie! it's so delicious, and perfect eaten all by eatself straight from the Swedish slicer. naughty, but nice. i'm really not a cheese person, but this reminds me of my Nanna.

proper Swedish crispbread - i've mentioned it in a previous post, but i'm still adoring it. especially with mashed avocado, dill and boiled eggs. and i love the traingular serves!

i've loved Kalles Kaviar for as long as i can remember, and it's beautiful on crispbread or warm toast. of course, with no Ikea down the road, i can't buy Kalles, but i was able to pick up this brilliant creamed cod roe paste - which tastes exactly the same, salty and fishy, yum.

so, there you have it, my treats for the week. it's my firm belief that it's necessary to indulge occasionally in luxurious treats, lest you become boring and normal. so creamed cod roe, triangular crispbread and caramelised Norwegian cheese it is!!

what's your weirdest food favorite?

currently watching: sabrina - an absolute classic (think audrey hepburn, humphrey bogart and william holden all in the same film), which if you've never seen it, you really really should!


  1. I love picking up new things at the store, and I also love dill so that avocado and dill looks delish!

  2. Hey! Great post! The brown cheese is technically Norwegian I believe. Ski queen is made by Tine and is the same as Gudbrandalsost G35 here in Norway, just in an "international package" :) It is soooo yummy on crispbread! Here we have different degrees of brown cheese. The "lightest" is made with more cream and has a milder, sweeter taste, the darkest is more "goaty" and strong. Yum!


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