Monday, 4 July 2011

diabetes packing tips & list

g'day readers! i made it to australia safe and sound. thanks for all your well wishes for me before i left :)

i am staying on the central coast, about an hour north of sydney - it's very beautiful here, and i am looking forward to doing lots of exploring in the local area...

before i left i whipped up a video for you all about what i packed for this trip - there's quite a bit, but given i'm staying for 6 months, i think it's justified. it was pretty tricky to know what to take, so i've attached at the bottom of this post a list of everything i took, so then you have a list if you need to go anywhere :)

here's the aforementioned packing list, for anyone with diabetes or an insulin pump. you can see the quantity i took with me in the video, so i haven't listed them here - but most people need a different quantity of everything anyway. i always take a 10% extra lot of everything as a sort of insurance policy, or just in case. and i always take a 2 week supply in my carryon luggage (which is often my entire supply for the trip!).

here goes:

packing list for an insulin pump:
infusion sets
spare tester with test strips & lancets
test strips
spare pump
spare launcher
emergency hypokit
sharps box
insulin for pump
insulin for injector
needles for injectors
ketone strips
spare belt clip
glucose tablets
recording books
insurance cover
medic alert bracelet/necklace