Wednesday, 6 July 2011

dark hot chocolate and easy chicken salad

thanks for all the buzz about my breakfast book - i'm so excited about it too!!

one of the things i really wanted to get right for the book was a good hot chocolate, and it was so much fun trying out different ways of making it to find the perfect one - can't say my mum minded either!

the perfect dark hot chocolate, and healthy to boot!

chicken salad ingredients - i'm never ever boring with my salads, and at home i had the luxury of using so much homegrown produce, it was always a delight.

the finished dish - in my favorite wooden bowls. how is it that it looks like such a mess but tasted so incredible?!

the chicken salad was video'd for my not just apples youtube channel - here is the final cut, if you haven't already seen it:

currently listening to: the sound of australian birdsong - so loud and mechanical sounding, but kind of majestic in it's own right.


  1. Hi there -I am remiss in not stopping by sooner. You left such a lovely comment on my blog about it being one of your favorites, and I wanted to write you a personal note, and well, clearly, I got behind in my good intentions. I am now finally catching up on yours. Love the hot chocolate picture :)

  2. Will the dark hot chocolate be in your book?! Every time I read something about chocolate from you, it's always at night (my time!) :) It's a good thing I have dark chocolate! xx


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