Saturday, 9 July 2011

custard apple and the view from killcare

so here it is - the long awaited first proper ozzie post!

i've already learnt so much from being here - experiencing new things and meeting new people every day. it has taken me a long while to get to know the prices of things, and where to find good quality/value food. i must admit to finding it a little difficult not being in control of the kitchen, but i do get to do a little cooking to keep my hand in!

i'm currently staying with my great aunt, who lives on a retirement village on the central coast - it's amazing meeting all the 'goldies' here, and one lovely lady has even taught me how to crochet (more pics of that to come!)

so, now onto my latest eats and treats:

the morning i left, i tucked into this delicious oat waffle (recipe in my upcoming book!) - which was incredible with english strawberries and cream.

on arrival in Sydney, i stayed a couple of days with a gorgeous lady called Barbara, who looked after me well and fed me lots of scrummy food. a few days later my great aunt arrived...

i've been enjoying trying out a few new tropical fruits - like custard apple (oh my goodness! pictured below) and proper pawpaw.

i've been getting comfy in Maureen's kitchen, making cheddar, bacon and spinach quiche with a spelt and buckwheat crust (pictured below) as well as a few different cookies and soups. she's a very gracious host, but it's tricky working through the logistics of living with someone new!

when i was staying with Barbara, in those first few days, she took me for lots of exploratory drives around the coastline, which was wonderful! we went to Killcare - a beautiful lookout point, from which one can see Sydney and Manly.

the stores in Australia are jam packed full of interesting produce, and 'gluten free' stuff is a really big thing here. i'm also really fortunate to live right next to an organic food store that is fill to the brim with incredible health foods (and natural beauty products!) which i am eager to experiment with!

i'm in love with harris farms though too - it's an awesome fruit and veg store, with only good food stocked on the shelves. i've purchased a really scrummy coleslaw, yogurt, Swedish crispbread, pumpkin, hummus and apples from there. i sort of wish i could afford to indulge there every day!

currently reading: the earth user's guide to permaculture by rosemary morrow - a fantastic guide to all things to do with permanent-agriculture, very interesting indeed.

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  1. Oat waffles are so tasty - and I can't believe I've never had one home made. Congratulations on your book! When is it due out? :)


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