Thursday, 14 July 2011

australian perfection?

well, g'day wonderful readers!

today is confession time. my sugar levels have been appalling since being in oz - like seriously bad. and i know exactly the reason why too...lack of exercise, and not being in control of my eating as much as normal.

it's really tricky living in someone else's home and not wanting to be pushy with cooking or be in the kitchen too much. i guess most of the time back in the uk i was a complete control freak over my eating, and all the general household duties i did (dog walking, cooking, cleaning, tidying) helped to keep everything in balance - but here i don't have that, and it's making me and my sugar levels a little crazy. granted i do my own washing, and i cook every other day - but it's not nearly enough.

and you know the other thing, there's nowhere to walk TO, apart from the local superstore, which is just 5 minutes away (in fact i've been up there so many times, i think the security guards are suspicious! - can i tell them that it's the only way i can get good exercise?!)

oz is kinda like america in it's largeness, and everything is so spaced out, people just drive everywhere in their big cars to get around. i think it would be a bit different in the countryside perhaps? anyhow, i don't want to spend money on a gym membership or classes, and there aren't any local gardening groups, or neighbours that need a hand (though i have looked into workaway and wwoofing to get a bit more exercise in).

the bad levels are starting to drive me crazy - and the next step is to up my basal rates again, which to me seems a little like defeat... oh well, i'm going to try more aimless walking around the area, and see how that goes, and try working in a more routine way each day (though even that's difficult when you rely on someone else for car use).

i've also got more of a grip on my food now, even though i'm eating completely differently from my host - which makes me feel kinda awkward. i am so thankful to my mother for being so accepting of my diet, and for coming along on the ride with me.

haha, oh well, i'll get there in the end i suppose! i WILL get this back under control. i will. i will.

i really did naively think that my levels would be perfect when i landed on these sunny shores, but that has not proven to be the case at all. silly silly me.