Friday, 10 June 2011

on a stick: a cookbook review

hello everyone! hope your day is going swimmingly.

i was recently sent matt armendariz's (from matt bites) new book 'on a stick' for review. and as i always love reading new cookbooks, i was definitely intrigued by this one, as it promised something completely different from any other cookbook i've seen before. 80 recipes, all with things on sticks...? i get stuck after chicken satays, and cheese and pineapple - who wouldn't want more party-perfect foods or great things to barbecue.

and the book definitely delivers in variety, excitement and recipes that are perfect for parties. a few of my favorites are: lamb souvlaki with cucumber yogurt sauce, spam and pineapple skewers (aloha!), spicy cajun skewers, fresh mango and chili powder with lime, grilled fruit skewers with honey mint yogurt. delicious!

i made the Dak Sanjuk from page 55, which were very very delicious and quick to make too. and they look so pretty!

there are however quite a few deep fried recipes, which i can't make because i don't have a deep fat fryer (the only people i know that do are my grandparents), and which i wouldn't want to make because i don't believe all that deep frying would do me any good. and also, there are loads of very sweet recipes, which i wouldn't and can't have either, like cake pops and homemade marshmallows.

but aside from the deep frying and the general sweetness, there are loads of fruit and vegetable recipes, and some really delish looking sauces and dips. and the photography is AWESOME! it's very beautiful. and after all it is matt's profession, so they ought to be incredible :)

the book has an interesting picture on the cover - it did totally intrigue me, that's for sure...

the only time's in my life i've eaten things on a stick have been cheese fondue's as a teen (my mum used to make a mean fondue), chicken satays from the deli counter at waitrose and countless 60's style cheese and pineapple sticks at Christmas parties. so having something new and different is really quite refreshing!

how many times in your life have you eaten food on a stick? and what are your favorite things to eat from a stick?

currently watching: 90210 on 4od - i unashamedly love the glitter and glamour and fashion of it...

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  1. This book does sound intriguing to me too, and I would love to try the lamb souvaki! Sounds so good!


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