Wednesday, 15 June 2011

crevettes rose and far breton

don't you just love the sound of the word nourriture, it's french for food, and i think it's fantastic how it is so similar to the word nourishment... it describes how food should be. something good for the soul and deeply satisfying. that's why you can't buy microwave meals in france, and how the convenience food aisle is really just preserved vegetables.

the french way of eating celebrates real food, and for that it must be praised. 

it's so interesting going into foreign supermarkets and towns to see what sort of food is on offer. it totally fascinates me. 

for example, on our trip we bought a cooked chicken from the local deli (i am slightly addicted to rotisserie chicken!) and it cost £15! i was fully prepared to pay £5 like i would in the UK, and then was taken aback when the guy said 'quinze euros, s'il vous plait'. but do you know why it was the most expensive chicken ever? it was huge, it was lean, it had been grown 15 km up the road, and it said the exact name of the man who had reared it. and it was really tasty.

the french really value local produce, and that's wonderful! the statistics tell us that the French do typically spend a lot more money on food than other countries - 4% of an american's income goes on food, in france it's 14%! (thanks to michael pollan for that one)

so, we relished going to the local market, savouring the produce and speaking (en francais, oui oui) to the people who grew it. i loved it. it makes me want to move there!

anyway, here are some of the delicious things we ate:

prawns, or crevettes rose, were on offer at the local poissonerie for £6.95 a kilo!! so we ate them about 4 times in the 9 days we were there :)

fresh cherries has just started their season, and were abundant, so we ate those a few times too!

because we're a very adventurous family, we chose the craziest looking fish at the market, which was actually a type of shark - slowly pan fried in butter, it tasted really good. and had an almost meaty texture, a bit like chicken.

artichokes. i really didn't have a clue how to cook it, or choose one, but i was in france so i had to buy one! it was a bit of a failure, because it was inedible (i think i needed to boil it longer?) - but it was so pretty, it was worth the money even without eating it! 

far breton - a type of prune flan. it tastes really nice, and has a perfect consistency. we bought it from the market, from a man who was selling cured meats, yet had a big stack of the far breton too. i'd love to make a less refined version of this one day!

check back for more french food photos tomorrow!

and in the meantime, please tell me about how you like to cook artichokes? and what do you like about the French way of eating?

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  1. I love France and eating too much Boursin on baguette haha! I can't wait to go again this summer, i love it their so much! Which area did you go to?


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