Thursday, 16 June 2011

butter croissants and choux farci

i hope you enjoyed part 1 of my french food photos! here is the second round (with slightly less waxing lyrical about france!):

duck is a really popular meat in france - and you can buy it in all sorts of different forms. one night we had duck confit - which was divine in all it's melt-in-your-mouth goodness. and this evening we had peppered duck steak with green beans and broccoli - fantastic!

breakfasts are a long leisurely affair, which could not take place until we had spent an hour walking to and from the local bakery with croissants and pain au chocolat. i ate bell pepper salad with avocado and boiled eggs most mornings, and indulged in pastry on a few occasions :)

one day we visited Ile de Re, where i ate a fantastic layered prawn salad with sweetcorn, egg and tomato. very scrumptious indeed! (ps. yes, this is the one i tweeted!)

my brother Jonny and i went for a stroll along the beach most evenings, and on a number of occasions we saw other people collecting crabs or other seafood... we tried but weren't so successful!

one of the best places to eat in france are the big supermarkets with cafeterias. it's amazing the food you can get, and it's very high quality. 

we went out a few times, but this was my favorite - choux farci (sausagemeat in cabbage in tomato sauce) and a huge side salad. i literally only managed half of it, but could happily have eaten it all because it was so good. i must try and make it myself one day :)

another thing that i didn't photograph but have to tell you about is the amazing organic store we stumbled across about 15 minutes away from where we were staying. it had bulk bins and fresh fruit/veg, it was like a mini wholefoods! the chain is called biomonde, and they have loads of stores across the country. why is it the uk (apart from dart's farm) have not been able to create a decent health food store?

over and out.

currently reading: the simple dollar by trent hamm - very helpful in re-evaluating my goals and budget...


  1. Yumm! Everything look so delicious and what's better, so natural and healthy. I live in the north of Spain and here we also have some amazing fish dishes but we have the same problem with health food stores. I think the best are in France, Germany and Italy. We need to change our minds even more here in Spain. Love, Úrsula.

  2. Amazing! Dish you had "choux farci (sausagemeat in cabbage in tomato sauce)" is typical in polish cuisine! ,,,, that is why I love France so much xxx


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