Friday, 3 June 2011

avoiding acne scarring

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here's a few tips and pointers on how you can avoid acne scarring...

but first things first - i must mention that i scarred from my acne, whether i picked, squeezed or left a blemish. it didn't seem to matter what i tried, i was left with these small red and purple marks where my acne had been. so, i don't actually think you can avoid acne scars... but you can make sure they aren't any worse or permanent than just a small red dot that disappears in a few months (and mine are now all disappeared 4 months later - yahoo!)

1. eat a great diet full of anti-inflammatory foods
follow an elimination diet, or simply try cutting out suspicious food groups to determine whether one particular food is causing the inflammation to occur. then load up on leafy greens, berries and fresh ginger to help reduce the redness.

2. exercise every day in a moderate and gentle way to keep your body in balance
frequent moderate exercise is awesome for you! and the more you can do outside the better. choose activities that are really fun and sociable, rather than things you feel you ought to do.

3. get out in the sun and fresh air
clear out your system by being in the sunshine and breathing lots of good air. it'll do you wonders - we were made to be outside.

4. avoid exfoliation, touching and picking your spots, massage and strong topical treatments whilst your acne is inflamed
leaving your skin alone to do it's job is the best thing you can do for acne, and to reduce your chances of permanent acne scars. infrequent hygienic squeezing is ok if you know how to do it, but this can also force the pus to lodge itself even further into your tissue and cause damage.

5. use products for sensitive skin in a gentle way and avoid 'acne' products unless they have been prescribed by a doctor
acne products can increase pigmentation due to their strength, as well as causing all sorts of other problems... avoid expensive mistakes and opt for a handful of products designed for sensitive skin instead.

here's a more in depth review:

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