Sunday, 15 May 2011

things i've learnt

taking part in this year's DBlogWeek has been a great opportunity to find new bloggers, as well as to hear other people's overwhelmingly positive remarks on how diabetes has impacted their lives.

i think that the best lesson i've learnt is that this community is really about inspiring other's who are connected with diabetes. it offers a fantastic means of support, and is THE most helpful resource for me personally.

where else can you learn that you are in fact a normal diabetic!! or figure out that everyone else is going through the same things you are. it's comforting and encouraging. and i am so so grateful for it.

thanks so much for all of your support and advice over the years - long may it continue!

and thanks karen for organising DBlogWeek 2011! i look forward to catching up on all the posts and blogs later into this week ♥