Friday, 13 May 2011

things diabetes has given me

it's weird, when i'm sat thinking about what diabetes has given me, my immediate thought is - well, how do i know? because i've been diabetic longer than i can remember. it's such a part of me, that i don't know what i would be like without it - but in a good way.

you see, i think my positive attitude, my desire to try new things and my love of healthy, natural living are all intertwined with being diabetic. who knows whether i would be the same person without D? 

but if i have to pick one particular thing, i would have to say that my passion for healthy eating is the greatest thing diabetes has given me. i've even got my own food blog, called not just apples. and am writing a cookbook at the moment too. 

without diabetes i might never have discovered the joys of swede fries, or coconut flour pancakes, or homemade no-sugar jam, or cauliflower pizza crust. i adore food, creating recipes and cooking in general. and all of this has come from a deeper understanding of the importance of good, nutritional eating to help manage my diabetes better.

i'm also totally grateful to have my puppy dog Bruno - who was purchased on the recommendation of my doctor, who was convinced it would help my exercise more and get better control - which was true! so, diabetes has given me a puppy...sort of. and he's such good company, especially as i work from home (oh, i shall miss him so much when i go to australia next month!)

oh, and thank you diabetes also for teaching me about patience, and self control

and of course, blogging - this was my first ever blog way back in 2006, and it has been such an amazing thing to be able to share on and be a part of the DOC

and last but not least, gardening and growing vegetables and fruit. i never would've realised how much i love weeding and nurturing plants and watching things grow. my passion for eating healthily and organically coupled with a low budget has meant that i've been forced to do something i actually REALLY love ♥