Saturday, 14 May 2011

swede fries and pear nutmeg compote

hey everyone! hope all is well with you 

i've had a busy few days, and what with blogger's little upset day yesterday, i'm only just getting round to posting. i've been eating breakfast for every meal for the last week - in preparation for the publication of my first cookbook... oooh, excitement!! and i'm headed off for a pre-oz holiday in france for 10 days next week. woop woop. 

plus, i've been posting every day this week over on my juvenile diabetes blog as part of diabetes blog week. it's been a really fun experience, and i've learnt loads from other bloggers, as well as being able to share some of what i've learnt about living with the big D.

anyway, now onto my latest eats...

swede fries are sort of an obsession of mine at the moment - they taste amazing, and they're texture is just like the best thing EVER. with a little swedish mustard, chopped salad and red onion courgettes i'm a happy girl :)

pear nutmeg compote with a little homemade granola, and bacon with mushroom scramble. and a cup of green tea with lemon. love love love.

currently watching: eurovision... it's sort of a tradition for our family to watch it together, and so we always have a laugh and enjoy writing on our scorecards (cheesy, but awesome fun!)

ps. i'm so jealous of laura's recent trip to nyc - i hope i get to go back there next year... new york city is such a seriously amazing place!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I love swede fries - I prefer them to parsnip or sweet potato fries they are just so good!

  2. these pictures are lovely! Congrats on your cookbook - how wonderful =)


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