Thursday, 5 May 2011

raw garlic mushrooms and elaborate lunches

so, life has become a bit hectic since i passed the '7 weeks til Australia' line - suddenly i realised there's a LOT to do before i jet off for warmer shores... oh well, at least i realise now rather than in the week before.

so, i'm applying for my international driver's licence, selling loads of clothes on ebay, shredding unwanted paperwork, organising medical supplies, deciding on which technology to take with me, getting unfinished craft projects completed, and filling out my tax return. 6 months is a long time to have unfinished business lying around - and i want to have everything prepared just in case.

so, lunches have been a welcome retreat from the business of all that's going on. thus, they have become quite elaborate...

dill egg mayonnaise, sliced avocado, garlic mushrooms, pickled herring and colourful chopped salad with radish, tomatoes and cucumber. very delicious, especially with all the extensive chopping and dicing that went into it!

raw garlic mushrooms are really delicious and easy to make - simply chop up some mushroom and mix with olive oil and finely chopped garlic. let it sit for a few hours until the mushrooms darken and look cooked... serve alongside your favorite salad or on top of some buttered toast. yum.

and we had little visitor yesterday too - my cute niece, Juliet. she was born back in february, and is now a very sweet tempered 3 month old with the prettiest smile and longest legs ever!

i am officially the proudest and most excited auntie ever! i get to buy her pretty dresses and tiny socks. and i can't wait for a few years time when she can come round to my house for waffles and sleepovers. and then a few years later when we can watch Friends and eat sophisticated salads and paint our toenails together. oh the joy of little babies :)

currently watching: episodes of america's next top model on youtube - it's nearly the series finale, and i can't wait to see who will win (i want it to be hannah)!


  1. WOW all so exciting!!! :) Will you be blogging your on your trip too? Your niece is gorgeous, i'm jealous because i love children!! Also on a side note, i noticed you are watching Antm which you can also watch on (not spamming you i promise!) megavideo is the best link to choose. I want Hannah to win also :)

  2. nice 'shrooms idea! so easy and looks like something I choose off the Wholefoods salad bar! Your niece is so stinkin' cute!!!

  3. Your baby is cute!!!

  4. Sorry your neice!!! HA!


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