Thursday, 26 May 2011

raspberry granola parfait and roasted herb pollack

i've recently learnt something very important - that sometimes it's ok to let someone else do the cooking! i'm a little bit of a control freak in the kitchen, and the best way of dealing with that is to get other people to make a meal...

my mum makes an awesome yogurt, granola and raspberry breakfast - my favorite sort of food...

my brother is a secret chef actually - he has the cunning ability to take any fish i give him and make it taste wonderful - though i'm not sure what his secret is, because he won't ever tell me...

it was served with rocket, roasted cauliflower and red pepper and summer squash (which oddly enough, didn't end up in this photograph, but is in the one above? - it was really yummy anyway!)

the other thing about letting other people cook, is that i can take some time to relax, chill out and catch up on reading or crafting or tea drinking. it's lovely to be served something that you haven't made, and to be fed delicious food by family and friends. i am so grateful to everyone that cooks for me, it shows so much love and respect :)

currently loving: these beds (especially the second one!) from moon to moon

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