Wednesday, 11 May 2011

a nice rice dream

ok, well i didn't actually dream about rice. but i might from now on. why? because rice milk has entered into my life. and i'm sure that all my dreams about rice from now on will be absolutely wonderful...

now, less of the weird. the lovely people at rice dream contacted me to ask if i'd review their product - and the email literally came the afternoon after i'd read a post all about how to make your own brown rice milk at home. so i figured that i sort of had to...

and i must admit to a LARGE amount of skepticism on my part. milk from rice, seriously? i can kind of get almond milk, soy milk and even oat milk, but surely rice doesn't have enough milkiness in it to make something satisfying? 

turns out, of course, that i was wrong. whilst it's certainly not the creamiest 'milk', it does taste really good. and i would happily put it on my cereal or in my porridge or use it in my baking any time.

rice milk makes a beautiful milkshake mixed in equal parts with frozen berries and topped with fresh mint

the original + calcium is a great alternative to dairy milk - although i'm never so keen on having to add in vitamins and minerals, i'd rather get them from some other wholefood. though for you vegans and lactose or dairy free people out there, i think rice milk is a better option than soy... it tastes better, and is much more gentle on your systems.

rice porridge with rice milk and pineapple - actually turned out to be really good! i will be making this again, with a few adjustments, before i share the recipe with you. suffice to say, it won't be a chore to make this and eat it again and again til i get it just perfect!

one day soon i quite fancy making my own rice milk and comparing the two. i figure it's probably got to be one of the cheapest 'milks' to make at home, and certainly the instructions in the previously mentioned post make it sound really easy to do as well. so, watch this space.

do you like rice milk? or have you ever tried it? what are your favorite rice milk recipes?

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  1. I love rice milk, it was the first non dairy milk I ever tried and is my 'go to' non dairy milk that I always have on hand in amongst the coconut and hemp milk! I adore the vanilla rice milk too!


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