Monday, 2 May 2011

homegrown asparagus with butter

this is just a simple post to tell you all about the wonders of homegrown asparagus!

it's perhaps the easiest thing to grow - it's perennial so you only have to plant it once, and it doesn't really require much watering.

we planted ours last year (10 crowns) at the allotment, and this year we've been able to harvest about 12 spears, before leaving them another year to fully mature. hopefully next year all our patient waiting will result in lots more delicious asparagus!

the spears are freshly cut at an angle just under the soil level, and then washed to remove any dirt...

then quickly boiled in water for about 8 minutes until tender and served with some butter and pepper - deliciousness!

oddly my mum doesn't really like supermarket asparagus but adores homegrown. it tastes different, with a deeper & richer flavour - and has a crisper texture too. 

it's one of my favorite treats of spring! so clean and fresh and perfect.

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  1. I love asparagus! I think it's really good eaten raw dipped in hummus :-)


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