Wednesday, 11 May 2011

diabetes bloopers...

so, after a very emotional day yesterday, today we have a lighthearted DBlogWeek post in which i will tell you 2 of my most memorable and funny moments with diabetes - karen is right, for all the trials and difficulties, sometimes diabetes can actually be hilarious!

funny D moment numero 1:  laughing at ducks
you know, when you're low, sometimes the world doesn't look the same. your perspective shifts, and suddenly things that would never be hilarious otherwise, become so with the funny goggles of a hypoglycaemic mind (lol). when i was about 16, i was walking along the riverside path into town with a few friends in order to catch the bus. it's a very pretty little amble in our very picturesque town, and there are always ducks and swans and chicks paddling down the water.

but on this particular occasion, as i was walking and admiring said beauty i couldn't help but stare at the ducks legs. i found myself giggling at the way they waddled on top of stones, and swam awkwardly in the river. soon enough, i'm full-on cracking up, almost hyperventilating with laughter at the way these ducks were swimming. they became THE funniest thing ever. and  i actually ended up sitting down on a park bench to watch them, all the while laughing loudly with tears starting to roll down my cheeks.

funnily enough, my friends figured out that although i'm generally a happy person and find things funny most of the time, i was finding this extraordinarily funny, i mean ducks, really? they politely asked if i was in fact low, which of course i was, and i continued to sit there giggling for another 5 minutes until i came back into the realms of normality. never will i ever find ducks so amusing ever again.

odd D moment numero 2: snorting sugar
about a year after my diagnosis, i was sat in history class listening to a teacher talking about world war 2 and the trenches, when i suddenly realise i'm going low. i'm getting a little clammy, and my hands can't seem to hold my pen properly.

i politely (though, not sensibly) wait a few extra minutes until group work and the teacher has stopped talking to rummage in my bag to find some dextro tablets to suck on and a snack bar.

now, it's important to note that in school, any opportunity for group work is an opportunity for a chat, gossip and giggle. so, of course, one of my friends makes a joke whilst we're sat talking (which we're not supposed to) and i find it so funny i go to laugh but have to hold it in so i don't make as much noise. so in that short moment whilst i'm sucking on a glucose tab, i inhale really deeply through my nose to try to stifle my laugh so the teacher doesn't here.

and that's when it happened.

a painful shot goes up through my nose, and i realise i've inhaled my sugar tab up my nose, but backwards... how is that even possible?!

it was actually pretty distressing at the time, and sort of painful. i got really confused (even more so, because i was in a low daze), and started tearing up. the teacher had noticed by this point that something was wrong and sent me to the nurse's office with a friend. on the way, my wonderful friend Charlotte starts calling my diabetic nurse to ask if this is a normal thing, and what we should do. meawhile i'm getting more low, more jittery and feeling very dizzy from a backwards inhalation of sugar...

as we're walking across the school yard, we hear a loud angry 'GIRLS! What are you doing?' - the headteacher and deputy are standing on patrol. oh dear! how does one person explain whilst their being connected to the nurse's office at the hospital, and how could i explain anything to the scary headteacher (we were 12) whilst i was low? it wouldn't make any sense. and then we'd be in detention for being 'drunk' and on the phone during class...

thankfully, the deputy came to the rescue and told the head that i was diabetic (thanks to my lovely mum for making sure there were pictures of me all over the teacher's lounge) and we were allowed to continue on to the nurse's office. where i promptly drank lots of water and blew my nose (bad idea, because the sugar has basically burnt my nose, so i get another painful shot) and then chilled out by talking to my nurse and my mum.

we still laugh about both of these moments to this day... i'm happy to be a hilarious, 'drunk' low person ♥