Monday, 23 May 2011

barbecued fish and strawberry gateau

recently, my friend lizzie had her birthday, and she came round to our house with a load of people from church to celebrate! it was such a pleasure to cook for her special day, and lots of fun making her birthday cake.

we had perfect barbecue weather, and my brother tended the barbecue like a real champion. on it, we had a sardines and herbed aubergine, and then of course, sausages, burgers and chicken (the usual) - all served up with a massive, very colorful salad, and coleslaw. everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and lizzie was a very happy birthday girl :)

the birthday girl with her strawberry gateau!

barbecued herb aubergine and sardines with salad - an epic summer meal.

the boys by the barbecue - of course...

the sardines a-cooking.

i hope you are all well and having the best day!

currently loving: america's next top model finale!

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