Monday, 9 May 2011

admiring our differences

so, it's the beginning of diabetes blog week! how exciting is that? ♥

today we kick off by sharing what things we admire about other bloggers, and how the DOC has helped us learn new things and gain a new perspective on diabetes...

well, where do i begin?

in the 5 years i've had this blog, i've learnt SO much about living with diabetes. through your kind comments i've discovered other bloggers, helpful books, ways of managing my diabetes, been encouraged to start a diabetes YouTube channel, and found so much encouragement and inspiration to keep trying hard.

it's tricky to pinpoint just a handful of other bloggers who inspire me, because the DOC is such a diverse place, and everyone handles life with D in their own way, so there's always a fresh perspective to find!

i've been particularly appreciative of the tudiabetes community (now up to almost 20,000 members!!!), who are willing to answer any random question i have, whether that's about high blood sugar symptoms or going to the beach with an insulin pump.

and, in the last few months i'm particularly thankful to have discovered andariego and three2treat. they both inspire me so much...and i'm very thankful for their no-nonsense guy's approach to living with type 1 diabetes.

andariego has done so much travelling, and is committed to staying well through exercise and eating right. the food posts are epic and so tasty! and nothing seems to phase him - several months in the Bolivian outback looking after big cats? no problem! he inspires me to dream big and not let diabetes get in the way of my life.

and three2treat amazes me with his attitude with dealing with his own and his childrens' diabetes. looking after 2 diabetics can't be easy... but he does it with such a positive attitude, and he is constant in his effort to do better. he also has a lot of scientific info that he shares - the importance of vitamin D, a look at lipohypertrophy, is caffeine good or bad?

i think more than anything, the thing i love most about these blogs, and other diabetic blogs written by men (generally speaking) is how frank they are. i have a tendency to get really caught up and frustrated with the little things - but to them it's just another bump in the road, and they attack it head on.

so, apart from guy blogger's who else can i put on the inspiration list... well, US diabetics. that sounds super general, because there's more diabetic bloggers across the pond than there are on my tiny little island. but seriously, i have learnt so much from you!!

in the UK our free healthcare system means that most UK diabetics i know don't take their health totally seriously. perhaps because they don't get specialist care, or just because they know that if something goes wrong or they develop a complication the NHS will be there to pick them up and give them treatment.

but in the US, you have to fight so hard to get proper care, and having an insulin pump can be a constant battle with insurance companies. you take diabetes seriously. and i've learnt to do that through you. for a long time i lived with diabetes in a haphazard way, trying so hard to stay 'normal' - but i didn't realise how much better i could feel if i actually started eating right and exercising and learning more about my diabetes, rather than relying on my doctor.

and last but not least D-Mom's and D-Dad's - you have my total respect! living with a diabetic isn't easy... and your confidence, support and diabetic advocacy is such an important thing. you fight for a cure and look for answers more than any other group, because you want the BEST for your little ones. and your love and encouragement is very uplifting and positive.

we are all different, and that's what makes the DOC such an amazing platform to learn from and be encouraged by!

so my thanks go out to every single one of you ♥