Wednesday, 11 May 2011

10 things i dislike about my diabetes

well, even though yesterday's post was more scary than funny, today's DBlogWeek entry is about to get serious and angry - a whole new range of emotions to this blog!

without further ado, here are 10 things i dislike about my diabetes:

  1. broken infusion sets
  2. unexplainable high levels
  3. unexplainably high levels that won't come down
  4. all the little dots on my fingertips from all my BG tests
  5. having to lug around so much extra stuff with me, like injectors, testors, snacks and set changes (for once i'd like to leave the house with nothing in my hands!)
  6. the fear of my retinopathy getting worse
  7. the 'wall' i hit with a high BG, that renders me completely useless for a few hours
  8. not being able to jump straight in a lake if i choose to because Patrick would drown
  9. not being able to wear short tight dresses because there's nowhere to put Patrick
  10. my pancreas - just like Michael said, i dislike my pancreas the most because it's broken, and it's brokenness causes me so much discomfort.
i could probably go on, but these are the first things that came to mind this morning... so they're probably the most important things to me.

i'd much rather talk about all the things diabetes has given me, or that being on an insulin pump has made possible. because generally i'm much more of a positive person - but sometimes it helps to get a little frustration down in writing... 

plus i think it's important for all you D-Mom's and D-Dad's to know what's really the most annoying things about living with D, and the things we're most concerned about