Wednesday, 13 April 2011

weekly menu plan # 1

so, i thought i'd start a new series sharing with you the things that i've eaten throughout my week, linking you to tasty recipes and displaying photos for you to see what it looks like...

i was inspired by primal kitchen - i think it's really interesting to see how other people balance out their menus, and what they make with their produce... not that i'm saying i've got healthy eating 'sorted', i'm very much in the experimentation stage with how much carbs/protein/fat i feel best eating - but it's fun to figure it out. and i LOVE food... so what better post series to start?

i've also let you know how many total carbs i've eaten each day, what exercise i did, and what my control was like that day (and why)...

♥ day 1:
b - porridge (1/4 cup oats, 1/4 cup milk, 1/4 cup water) with a dsp homemade apple sauce with cinnamon
s - banana
l - chopped salad (tomatoes, cucumber, radish, spring onion, herbs) hummus, broccoli and oven baked sardines with thyme butter sauce. followed by two slices of tinned peach
d - homemade vegetable soup with 1 slice of homemade bread
s - homemade granola with greek yogurt, peanut butter and half a pear

total carb intake: 95g
exercise: dog walking 45 mins, shopping 30 mins, baking 90mins.
bg control: excellent! no levels over 10mmol/dl

♥ day 2:
b - 1/2 banana, 2 eggs, 2 rashers bacon and a mug of green tea with lemon
s - apple and a slice of homemade bread
l - tinned chilli pilchards with yogurt on top, and courgette + leeks with herbes de provence, and leftover salad from the previous day
d - sausage, broccoli + petits pois, sweet potato fries. 2 squares of dark chocolate.
s - pear sauce, peanut butter and homemade granola

total carb intake: 80g
exercise: dog walking 45 mins
bg control: went high in the afternoon due to set bruising

♥ day 3:
b - porridge (as before) with linseeds and a dsp homemade pear sauce
s - olives with anchovies and half a cheddar & watercress scone
l - sausage, sweet potato mash and mixed veg. yoghurt and 1tsp granola
d - 1/2 slice toast topped with scrambled egg, ham and mushrooms
s - yoghurt, granola and raspberries

total carb intake: 85g 
exercise: 2.5 hrs shopping, 1hr dog walk ( we also spent the day with a 18month old child, which took loads of energy!)
bg control: excellent! no levels over 10mmol

♥ day 4:
b - coconut flour banana waffles, cream and pear sauce
l - roast chicken, broccoli, cauliflower, courgettes and gravy. chocolate mousse.
s - leftover dark chocolate mousse
d - avocado salad with rocket, spinach, tomatoes, radish + bell peppers. olives, yoghurt and dill dip and dill pickled herring.
s - granola and peanut butter

total carb intake: 100g
exercise: 30mins singing, 15 mins dog walk
bg control: went up to 11.1 in afternoon (lack of exercise?!)

♥ day 5:
b - 1 slice homemade bread toasted with low sugar jam
>s - banana
l - mushroom and avocado salad at Pizza Express (the Bosco)
d - chicken stir fry with veggies
s - granola, yoghurt and banana

total carb intake: 60g
exercise: 45 min dog walk
bg control: horrific! went up to 19.9, due to a new set change that decided to fail on me, and a funeral in the afternoon that had me distracted.

♥ day 6:
b - 1 egg, 2 rashers of bacon
l - aubergine and courgette lasagna. yoghurt, granola and pear sauce.
s - cheese + hummus
d - chicken salad with sauerkraut, crispbread and hummus
s - homemade low carb chocolate brownies (these weren't great, but we still ate them the next few days!)

total carb intake: 50 
exercise: dog walking 30mins, baking 1hr 
bg control: slight rollercoaster due to previous day's disaster, which meant that i was so dozy i didn't have enough energy to do much and i forgot to bolus for dinner. 

♥ day 7: 
b - mushroom scramble with 1 egg, 1 rasher bacon, cheese and dill.
s - olives and cheese
l - lamb vegetable curry. yogurt and chocolate brownies (as before)
s - ham + hummus
d - mint, ham, avocado, mozzarella salad with sauerkraut. brownie
s - cheese, olives + hummus

total carb intake: 50g
exercise: dog walking 1.5 hrs
bg control: mostly good, though went up to 13.2mmol/dl before i changed my set in the afternoon.

so there you have it, a week in the life of me - hopefully that'll make you all feel more normal! and hopefully you'll see an improvement over the coming months...