Tuesday, 12 April 2011

the 15 minute principle

there are some things in the beauty world which hit you with their simplicity - the 15 minute principle is one of these. i mentioned it in my latest acne series, part 3: how i got rid of my acne.

basically all you have to do is wait 15 minutes between cleansing/toning, treating and moisturizing. 

the logic behind this is that it gives your face time to heal over and adjust before applying another product. that way your skin is less likely to get aggravated and inflamed, especially if you have open wounds, and you are more likely to put the product on in a more relaxed way. it's perfect for people with acne, or breakouts.

some people might find this a little tricky to fit into their morning routine - some people take 5 minutes usually to get up and out the door, so this might not be for you. but for other like me who take about an hour to get ready, this is no big deal... it just means setting the timer for 15 once you've cleansed+toned, then another 15 minutes after you treat, and then you can dab on some moisturizer.

now i've got rid of my acne :) all i do is cleanse/tone and then wait 15 minutes before applying my moisturiser. it seems a little bizarre to wait, but my skin is so good, that it's got to be worth doing, right?! plus it's FREE :)