Saturday, 2 April 2011

poached eggs benedict with homemade hollandaise

can someone please tell me what the big deal is with hollandaise sauce? i've eaten it out at restaurants, made it myself and had it from a jar, and none of the times i've eaten it have i actually understood it. 

granted it is just mostly butter, you would think i would love it more than i do! anyway, after eating homemade hollandaise my mind is firmly fixed on not really liking it. which is weird, because i pretty much like everything. not that i wouldn't eat it again, and i would probably even choose it at a restaurant for brunch - but i will definitely not bother making my own again, in my opinion it's not worth the effort. now mayonnaise on the other hand...

anyway, i did discover a new talent for making poached eggs - what a tasty and satisfying thing they are! after watching julie & julia the other night, i figured it was about time i mastered the art of poaching an egg - and i somehow managed to pull of cooking three good looking poached eggs on my first try. yummy! the secret is all in the spinning of the water, and the addition of a little vinegar.

with some balsamic roast tomatoes and some grilled bacon, it was a perfect breakfast

the ballymaloe cookery course book is an invaluable aid in making anything from scratch, and finding any basic recipe you seek, including hollandaise sauce, poached eggs and a variety of other classic dishes! you know there just has to be that one cookery book you have for function and practical use, rather than inspiration - well this massive tome is my one of those.

currently watching: raw down under on youtube - so funny and interesting...


  1. Brekkie looks fab! Really wish I'd picked up some bacon this week :(

    I'm not a huge fan of hollandaise or bechamel blergh. Just too bland and nasty imo!

  2. Balsamic roasted tomatoes?! Wow... DROOL!

  3. I love poached eggs. I have no idea how to make them though!


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