Wednesday, 20 April 2011

a homemade easter tree and aubergine lamb lasagne

it's been incredible being out in the sun today - it's 23c here where i live, and that's very hot for april in wiltshire! so, i've taken all opportunities to be out in it - walking the dog, sitting chatting with my friend Zoe, and just generally pottering doing some tidying and things.

i burn pretty badly usually, so am always careful to apply sunscreen and wear a hat - but i think this year i might actually tan - what with france, then australia and the weeks leading up to them at the allotment. i've got a good freckle layer already we'll see. this might be the year of the tan?

anyway, i don't mind being pale and freckly. i think it kinda suits me. but i've always joked with my mum about what i'd look like with a tan, and whether it was even a possibility for my skin tone (or my personality, because i'm not patient enough for sunbathing!). i've got a little swedish blood in me, so i think just more outside hours is probably what it'll take.

so, moving on, here are my latest eats and treats:

long-prep lasagne is incredible! there's something about the ridiculous length of preparation it takes that just makes it awesome... i layered it up with courgettes and aubergine instead of pasta, and i used lamb mince instead of beef in the tomato sauce (because it tastes better!), and just put really good cheese in instead of cheese sauce. and - it was so good.

low carb soy flour cinnamon muffins - these are a very luxurious delight, and kind of surprisingly fluffy (not crumbly, or flat - which is usually the case with gluten free cooking) - i followed the 'indulgent' recipe here.

herbes de provence red onion courgette hash, with chopped salad, greens and dill egg mayo

my homemade easter tree! i finally made one, using some twisted hazel branches and some cheap (thank you Rymans) egg decorations. i think it looks kinda pretty!

i'm so looking forward to Easter!!!

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  1. Oh my word, please please grace us with the recipe for the lasagna!

    In New England, it's utterly freezing and the mere thought of that warm, scrumptious (and healthy) dish really hits the spot!

    Enjoy your day (or evening)!!


  2. Your easter tree is fabulous!

  3. Happy Easter! Those soy muffins look REALLY good! I just pulled banana nut muffins out of the oven and can't wait to try them :)

  4. Those muffins look delicious! I really want to find and experiment with soya flour!
    Have a great weekend :-D


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