Monday, 11 April 2011

dr bernstein's diabetes solution review

after having recently heard about the amazing Dr. Richard Bernstein (not to be mistaken with Stanley, as i did, oops) via the tudiabetes forums, we bought a copy of his book, the Diabetes Solution.

well, for starters, here's my full review on my new yt channel - read on for a written review:

there are a mixed variety of opinions on the great Dr B - but i undeniably believe that this book will be of help to all diabetics, no matter what type or what age, there is something to be learnt in there.

it's really helped me to straighten out my sugar levels. and even though i don't follow the strictness of his diet or exercise, i have found that reducing my carb intake (which is one of the key factors in his book) has been amazing for creating almost 'non-diabetic' type days.

in my research before reading the book, all the diabetics seemed to give exceptionally positive reviews, claiming lower hbA1c's, more energy and better levels. most of the negative criticism came from medical professional's, who criticised the book for being hard to stick to and unbalanced - i guess you need the motivation of bad levels and emerging symptoms of complications to get you to try something slightly out of the ordinary. but it is working for me - albeit in a slightly more higher carb way (he advocates 30, i eat about 50-100g a day, depending on my level of exercise)

he's got some great things to say about the chinese restaurant effect (or the sunday roast dinner effect, as i have nicknamed it), the law of small numbers and how to cope with exercise.

after reading his book, i felt slightly convicted at my overeating when i go low, and have changed my approach to this. which has been marvellously helpful - i sit, eat a dextrose sweet, then ascertain what sort of snack i need to raise my bg up just enough to bring it in range - a half apple? a crispbread with low sugar jam? a few raspberry liqorice? so, instead of eating everything in sight and then going high, which used to be the case, i now have a much more sensible approach.

i do take all 'health' books i read with a pinch of salt. i know it's not sensible to stuff my body with artificial sweeteners, or processed foods, or lots of meat - all of which he advocates. and i think it's still important to make sure i get enough calories (i can't afford to lose weight really!), although now it's more about good olive oil, fish, nuts, yogurt, butter, avocado, lentils, oats and eggs.

and thanks to all of you who have subscribed to my diabetic youtube channel already, and asked me questions, requested videos or commented, i hope this will turn into an awesome resource for other diabetics and their families, so you are all 's.