Wednesday, 6 April 2011

chorizo hash and fresh mint cucumber salad

when i have people over for lunch or dinner i like to make something a little special, or try out an ingredient that would otherwise be a little too expensive, or take too long to prepare. so the other day when my friend emily came over, i went mad in Waitrose and purchased two things i've been wanting to experiment with - chorizo and fresh mint....

the chorizo was mixed with courgettes, cabbage, celery, peppers, garlic and picante pimenton - it made a delicious spicy hash dish. quick to prepare too which was a bonus, because we had been shopping for a very long time and needed a speedy refuel.

i love having all sorts of things laid out on the table so that people have options on what to choose - and it's a lovely way of forcing people to eat slower, eat less and actually enjoy eating at a table! some hummus, olives, thyme yogurt mayonnaise, crispbread and mint salad complete the menu...

the fresh mint was DIVINE! perfect in salads - it just tastes so fresh and summery. and it seems to compliment anything you put it with (especially cucumber and radish), so long as it's raw!

this meal went down a treat with Emily - she loved the spice in the hash, the salad, the hummus and well, everything! it was such a blessing that she enjoyed it - i worried so much about making sure that my new lifestyle was not seen as 'boring', 'disgusting' or 'tasteless', and that hopefully it might inspire her to try some new no-grain recipes at home... and i think it worked!!

i know i shouldn't worry - but people make so many judgements when you tell them you are eating something different. no matter what sort of change it is, they assume that i must be depriving myself, and eating lettuce all day, which is so not the case. i want to show other people just how tasty and healthy this diet is!

i'm so thankful for this online community of foodies, because there has only been encouragement with my change of lifestyle from my readers, and i am more than grateful!!! 

currently watching: my new yt recipe video - breakfast scramble with dill, mushrooms and bacon

what do you like to cook when people come over for a meal? do you cook to suit your diet or theirs?


  1. Whole-food/processed-free living is definitely more of a "show" than a "tell!" That's what I love about can SHOW your excitement, your discoveries, and the FUN you're having for all to see, and hopefully inspire a few along the way! It's fun to hear that my friends and family have read my blog and seen that healthy eating is not boring whatsoever. MUCH more powerful than trying to explain some "diet" mentality to somebody.

  2. When I cook for my friends I always make a dish that they are familiar with (such as pasta or pizza) but VEGANISE it! They are often so shocked when I tell them at the end :-)
    Its so rewarding to show people how this lifestyle is NOT boring or depriving!

  3. Right that's it! I'm buying some chorizo tomorrow!

    Chorizo omelette mmmm :D


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