Friday, 8 April 2011

a happy doctor

i recently went for a visit at my local hospital to see my specialist. i've only seen him twice before, as i was previously at an extra-specialist centre a lot further away from my home.

i had my doubts about moving back to my local hospital - i had a few unpleasant experiences there as a teenager, and i was concerned that they wouldn't understand insulin pumps (or type 1 diabetes for that matter, if i'm honest) but, so far so good, my fears have not been realised!

the nurses weighed me (lost 3 pounds, uh oh) and took my blood pressure (it was perfect!) and inspected my chart results from previous tests (kidneys = fine, cholesterol = fine, etc, etc = all fine!)

then to see the specialist. i must admit that i have been so excited lately about how low carb has been going, that i was worried that i wouldn't make any coherent sense to the doctor, and that he would tell me off for reducing carbs, losing weight and having ketones once in a while. i got all my facts prepared, readied a speech for the moment when he furrowed his brow in confusion, and... it wasn't necessary.

the doctor was just generally happy with what i was doing - as long as i'm not going low too frequently, and i'm treating them properly when i am, he seems happy. i think i just must appear to be trying hard (which i am, but that's not the point) and i must seem to know what i'm doing (which is flattering, but still, that's not the point).

what about all those other people who appear to be doing well but actually aren't? i have some insight, because for basically a decade i was eating 'normally' and exercising very infrequently, and my doctor's would always be happy that:
a) i turned up to the appointment
b) i had my glucose logs filled in
c) i didn't have any major complications
d) i sounded like i cared

hey well, i suppose that as long as you are trying then there's nothing more they can do. i mean, they can't exactly follow you around your house doing your tests and measurements for you, right? nope, that has to come from you - doctor's can only help so far.

and so i conclude to like my doctor very much. his positivity gives me hope.

his thoroughness was good too. he answered all my questions simply, accurately and tried his hardest.

i only wish he'd recommend some books. and i also wish that when i mentioned Dr. Bernstein he hadn't have looked so puzzled and asked 'who?' (yes, seriously, just like Kev! - he had no idea about the Dr or the Diabetes Solution, hmm).

and bonus... i received a new bright pink OneTouch Ultra Easy ♥


i've recently uploaded a few pages on the top tab - check them out for more detailed info about my diabetes care. and especially have a look at the hbA1c graph which will hopefully give you an idea of my level of control... it's a work in progress.