Friday, 15 April 2011

a diabetes camp for adults

so, i was wondering today about diabetes retreat centres and camps for adults. i never went to any diabetes camps as a child, but i always kind of wish i had - and i think of what an encouraging place it would be...

there's this post on tudiabetes about adult camps, and i just think that there's so many people looking for it, that it basically kinda warrants someone to come up with a solution...

during the past few months it's been wonderful to have the support of fellow type 1's on this blog and on tudiabetes, and i've learnt so much! and i guess i just wish i could meet other diabetics in real life to talk things through with even more. and a place where i could learn new recipes, or be encouraged to exercise more.

i've always liked the idea of a holiday where all my needs are taken care of, and i could eat EVERYTHING on the menu (how awesome would that be?). or like a cooking holiday in france which incorporated gentle bike rides to the local market to pick up fresh produce.

the only thing is that i'm not a dietician, or a diabetic nurse, or a landowner. at the moment anyway. so, even though i love the idea, it's not exactly within my power to begin it - as much as my entrepreneurial spirit might want to!

so, before i get carried away, and start searching for appropriate land space in france, please chime in and tell me your opinion... is there one in europe that i've just never heard of? or is there a great one elsewhere in the world that i should really visit?

and just for fun, in your dreams, what would you want the perfect adult diabetes camp to be like?

health and happiness