Saturday, 19 March 2011

prune blueberry yogurt and dill egg salad

since switching to a low carb diet in order to manage my type 1 diabetes better, i have been feeling a lot more energetic and positive about my future health. my sugar levels are more even and easier to manage, which is quite a difficult thing to attain, so i am glad to say i'm getting there on that one! 

if you aren't sure what insulin dependent diabetes is all about, check out this living with type 1 diabetes video i created to help raise awareness of my life threatening disease (too dramatic?) or visit my juvenile diabetes blog.

and the great thing about eating low carb is that there's a million resources and recipes from different diets, but my favourite resources have been from the grain-free and primal diet tribes. i've mentioned a few things about the primal diet before, but never in depth - so, my next post will be full of information on what it means, and the research and blogs i've found about it...

i was worried (and so was everyone else) that eating low carb would mean that i was going to lose weight - which i really can't afford to do since i'm borderline on the bmi scale anyway. but that has not proved to be an issue, i am still the same weight as i always have been, which will be good news when i go and see my specialist next month.

so, here's my tasty latest eats:

greek yogurt with prunes (my new love!), fresh blueberries and sesame seeds

♥ egg salad with dill, pickled parsnips, tomatoes and gherkins. a little oatcake on the side with tasty butter.

more chocolate chestnut pancakes, they are delicious with homemade hedgerow jam and a great accompaniment to reading the new Elle

breakfasts lately have been a scramble of sorts: mushrooms, onion, garlic, bacon, spinach, herbs (dill mostly), seasoning, cheese, and leftovers (in this instance i had cheesy leeks from the previous night - yum!)

so, not no carbs - don't worry! i try to eat about 50g carbs a day, throughout the day. i have found this a big change, but it's definitely a tasty way to eat - my next step is to figure out how i combine all i've learned from dr bernstein with what john robbins has to say - that should be a fun thing to work on... (they aren't polar opposites, but we'll just have to come to some sort of compromise!)

currently listening to: anti d by the wombats (i love this!)

ps. avocado milkshakes - for real?! i have to try this...

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  1. Yum, they all look delicious! I am particularly keen to try that blueberry yoghurt :-)


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