Monday, 7 March 2011

prawn avocado salad and pear hazelnut tart

hello everyone! i hope you all had a fantastic weekend ♥

i had a brilliant one. i went away for the weekend with some other twenties from my church, to a regional event down in Bude, Cornwall. it was a really amazing time, and we enjoyed lots of clotted cream, strawberries and i had a couple of delicious bites of Cornish pasty. mmmm.

i was really worried about the weekend in terms of food and keeping on my low carb eating plan. but it worked out really well in the end - i took a massive box of chopped salad vegetables with me, some bags of mozzarella and lots of greens. then i also took bacon and eggs for breakfasts - which everyone enjoyed! i also asked to have fajitas for the dinner on Saturday night which meant that i could eat the spicy chicken and sauces but just not in a wrap; brilliant and delicious!

i've lately therefore been eating really well, and have noticed a difference in the condition of my skin (no new breakouts for 11 days now, wowee!) as well as my overall energy levels which have been much higher (i didn't even really notice how low they were until now). thank goodness for dr. bernstein coming in at just the right moment in my life.

prawn and avocado salad with all the regular salad ingredients. i  love prawns, and having a big bag of them in the freezer is just a wonderful feeling. i followed it with a Total yoghurt split pot - keep reading for a review of these...

spinach tortellini with sauteed leeks, onions, celery and greens, with a side of Black Forest ham, and sprinkled with a little cheese and a drizzle of olive oil.

boiled egg, swedish style red cabbage, sweet potato bake, kale and sausage with swedish senap. this lunch was appreciated by everyone - and was so filling and delicious, even if it was slightly random...

pear and hazelnut chocolate tart - after babysitting for a friend, i was given two slices of a dessert that they had enjoyed (they know how much i love food) - and it was a great thing to have for breakfast - i'm definitely going to attempt to replicate this in some way. alongside some bircher muesli it was just perfect.

last week i was sent this glorious selection of 0% Total greek yoghurt split pots from the lovely PR people at Total - there is a good variety to choose from and they are a totally new product from this company. there's honey, blueberry, strawberry and tropical fruits.

unfortunately i really didn't like them! i absolutely adore the big pots of Total 2% - the creamy greek yoghurt texture is just perfect. but alas, the 0% is bland and bitty. and i can't really promote these on healthy reasons either, because i don't believe in 'low fat' products, nor do i advise eating fruit compotes with such a high sugar content... now i think if they did a version with the full fat yoghurt, and a side of no added sugar date, prune or fig paste or granola, then that would definitely be something i would consider purchasing!

thank you so much for reading this here blog, it means a lot to hear your comments and to be able to share my eats and favorite recipes with you all! i have a low carb pizza recipe for you all coming up, as well as grain free chocolate biscuits (oh they are so good!)

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  1. Looks like you've been eating some yummy food. The tortellini looks killer, but then again, I am a sucker for pasta of any sort. ;)


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