Friday, 11 March 2011

pomelo pieces and boiled eggs

have you ever eaten a pomelo? have you even heard of one? well i hadn't until i saw them in Lidl last month. i blatantly had to try one! they are basically a sweeter, larger version of a grapefruit, with a thicker skin (although that's kind of questionable depending on the variety).

they were selling in these mesh bags, just like you would expect to see in an Asian food market. and they lured me in with their tropical and exciting sounding name and bright colour. and the thing is, i really do NOT like grapefruit, so it was kind of a strange decision to make.

so, it sat there. in the fruit bowl. for days. until i decided to google it, and find out how best to go about eating it. thankfully there were a few sites available to help me out in my time of need. it turns out that you just need to segment it like an orange, then peel off the skin - which is really bitter, so it's worth doing. here's a great video on how to tackle a pomelo!

and thankfully i really love them! i really recommend you buy one if you see one and have never tried it.

pomelo segments with a boiled egg, toasted soldiers, and a cup of green tea.

homemade calamari with garlic mayonnaise, cucumber tomato salad and greens. and of course the sunday paper and a cup of rooibos!

greek yoghurt with raspberries (from the freezer) and flaxseeds. this is surprisingly filling for a morning breakfast...

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  1. i saw pomelo for the first time in Sainsburys last week. I am going to take inspiration from you and purchase it when I go to the supermarket this week.

  2. I don't like grapefruit, but I heard that Pomelos where sweeter, so I picked one up sometime last year. Unfortunately I didn't like it!


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