Tuesday, 22 March 2011

getting in the groceries

ever wondered what other type 1 diabetics purchase at the grocery store or supermarket? well, here's a chance to find out... the following video is just me showing you the things i've bought this week to cook and eat. 

i think it's a pretty accurate reflection therefore of the sort of diet i'm eating at the moment, and what sort of things we eat day to day. yes, it's a lot of vegetables, but there are also a few slightly unusual storecupboard items that i discuss...

i hope this is of use to you type 1's out there who are stuck in a food rut, and i hope that it inspires you to try some new things. 

i also think it is quite interesting to see what is available in other countries and supermarkets - it's definitely an eye opener (last time i made a grocery haul video, people were shocked at the amount of plastic UK supermarkets use to package their foods).

ps. ever heard about the primal or paleo diet? well, it's another 'low-carb' diet that has a huge following on the internet - there's loads of really good recipes for diabetics (because it's grain and bean free) and so it's a fantastic place to find new resources and nutrition info.

if you are interested in finding out more, i wrote an article on not just apples all about the paleo diet and primal nutrition, with a bunch of links and resources too, so do check it out. it's been very helpful in getting my sugar levels straightened out...