Tuesday, 29 March 2011

crunchy cranberry granola and boeuf bourguignon

howdy folks!

here are my latest eats:

calamari  - with chopped salad and mint garlic yogurt. i would eat this every day if i didn't believe in having a varied diet!

homemade granola - this happened by accident. i was supposed to be making soy flour cinnamon crisps, and they kind of crumbled totally, and so, instead of throwing it out i made granola my adding some cranberries, dessicated coconut, sesame seeds, linseeds, honey and sunflower oil. then i baked it again for about 10 minutes or so.

♥ this very tasty accident happened to be pretty low carb (yippee!), and i ate it with mashed banana for a post dog walk snack, and it was ridiculously good!

a working lunch. chicken mayonnaise with chopped salad, houmous and steaming redbush tea. oh and oatcakes for me, wholewheat roll for mum and butter for us both.

i've been craving boeuf bourguignon for a few days now - i basically wanted a tasty beef stew, and i figured the French probably had it sussed. boy, was i right! thanks to a recipe in Elizabeth David's French Provincial Cooking, which i managed to decode - this was so, so good. and then of course we had to watch julie and julia whilst we ate. just because.

thanks all so much for reading my blog, it's wonderful to be a part of the online foodie community! if you are ever wondering if you should start a food blog, my advice would be not to hesitate. the thing is, it doesn't even matter if no one reads it, it's just amazing to have a place where i can keep all my recipes + experiments, and it's awesome to journal all the things i create.

currently reading: how i gave up my low-fat diet and lost 40 pounds by dana carpender (i thought it might help my understand the nutritional grounding a low carb diet has, and i was totally right, because this book is full of evidence, studies and guides, a very handy book to have on the shelf! - expect a review soon)

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  1. That granola looks SO good! What a great change from regular oat-based granola! YUM :-)


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